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Departure / Disconnect Assistance

Assisting in the final phases of an expatriate assignment is a critical, but often overlooked piece. The challenge for an expatriate is to find the balance between anticipating the move and the time-consuming details of departure. Capital Relocations will take care of the details including the termination of the tenancy agreement, monitor legal and financial transactions, assist with the termination of utility contracts, oversee and coordinate professional cleaning and repairs if required and complete a final inventory check out with the landlord/representative. Multinational companies have forfeited high security deposits as a result of an expatriate leaving the country. Having Capital Relocations use their experiences will maximizes the return of security deposits.

The Departure Services include:

  • Review lease immediately and file written notification of the cancellation of the lease and notice for the return of the security deposit.• Disconnect utilities & telephone and obtain refund of deposit.
  • Cancel all memberships, school enrollment and arrange for deposit refunds.
  • Termination of any applicable subscriptions, i.e. newspapers or magazines
  • Ensure local bank account is closed.
  • Coordination of final walk through of residence, including inventory of contents and property condition.
  • Security deposit retrieval.

Corporate/Employee Benefits:

  • Employee has more time to conclude business and prepare for new responsibilities
  • Ensures all local requirements are met prior to transferee vacating premises
  • Smooth hand over of the property and timely return of security deposit
  • Family is free to prepare and organize their relocation in a less stressful manner
  • Family are relieved and can leave the host city with good memories


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