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The area orientation tour is a valuable tool that has multiple applications as part of a relocation program. It can help sell the new location to a prospective candidate, or be used as part of a group move induction.
Capital Relocation’s area orientation tour service includes an accompanied tour by professionals with locally specific expertise. They will adapt each tour to suit the interests of the relocating employee and any accompanying family members.
The area orientation tour considers everything your relocating employee will need to know for living and working in their new location.
The area orientation tour is designed to deliver a comprehensive insight into the location.
Any move, whether domestic or international is more often than not a cause of stress and anxiety. A Preview or ‘Look See’ Trip shows the positive aspects of living in the new location/country. Capital Relocations customized ‘In Country Briefing and Orientation Tour’ introduces the city and it’s most suitable residential areas, sample appropriate housing according to the individual/family requirements, schools, medical facilities, shopping, community resources and more. Once relocated, even with an initial preview trip providing a broad picture of the new city, the Area and Orientation Tour is more detailed and targeted to the areas which the family is likely to frequent or live. Showing the family how to move around the city easily and safely as they visit neighbourhoods and explore new communities carries benefits both to the family and to the corporation.

Area Orientation Tour: What is Included

  • Accompanied area overview
  • Area information
  • Property overviews
  • Schooling overview
  • Every day living advice

Area Orientation Tour: Benefits

  • Helps to sell the location to the prospective relocating employee.
  • Identifies key considerations at an early stage to reduce the overall cost of the relocation.
  • Expert advice and assistance to help your relocating employees make informed decisions.
  • Reduces apprehension and stress
  • The family envision a positive living experience in the new environment
  • Allows well educated, informed decisions
  • Enhances likelihood that identified talent will accept the overseas assignment.
  • Personalized for each employee/family
  • Builds confidence in maneuvering around the new city
  • Realistic guidance by local professional trained experts
  • First-hand answers to their questions
  • A positive living experience in their new environment.


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