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Settling-in Assistance

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The relocation settling-in period is where your relocating employee and family members are finding their way. It should be a positive experience and not a distraction to their new role.
Capital Relocation’s relocation settling-in services are designed to help your relocating employee through the vital first months of arriving in a new location, ensuring that your relocating employee is focused on their new role and their accompanying family members are comfortable in their new surroundings.
Capital Relocations provides a comprehensive and flexible menu of relocation settling-in services that can be tailored to meet the relocating employee’s requirements.
Accompanied Settling-in services address a myriad of personal and family needs including assistance with education/schools, local registration with authorities, opening a bank account and driver’s license. Familiarization with local resources and amenities, including emergency facilities, doctors, shopping, entertainment, transportation etc., as well as addressing their own specific areas of interest and/or concern, ensures the family will feel comfortable and confident to begin their new adventure.


Relocation Settling-in Assistance : What is Included

  • Banking services
  • Neighborhood area orientation tour
  • Utility and broadband connection
  • Auto purchase/lease assistance
  • Health care system overview
  • Automotive and property insurances
  • Driver’s license and car registration
  • Furniture rental
  • Assistance in locating doctors, shopping, houses of worship and speciality foods
  • Translation services


Relocation Settling-in Assistance : Benefits

  • Flexible and built around your relocating employee’s needs
  • Reduces anxiety and the time it takes to settle-in
  • Can be easily combined with the home finding
  • Cost effective
  • Family settle quickly and smoothly as they integrate into the new community
  • Employee concentrates on work knowing their family is receiving valuable support
  • Promotes a successful positive assignment for all
  • Reduces employee attrition and overall family stress during the transition


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