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Capital Relocations, Thailand


Capital Relocations

At Capital Relocations, we believe that excellence comes with being more than just a service provider. And we know that to provide a truly superior service, we need become an extension of your HR team. We make it our business to know our clients’ challenges and ambitions, just as well as we know our own. We ask what matters most to them, and make sure that these are the areas where we excel.

What does this mean for you?

  • Improved service delivery: an account team that works in partnership with your HR team, reducing your administrative burden and relieving your stress;
  • Reduced overheads: our focus on process efficiency and problem-solving means you get impeccable quality, at attractive prices;
  • Decreased ‘noise’: our account handlers are the best in the business, and satisfied assignees means fewer headaches for you;
  • Rapid project start-up: a thorough implementation process need not mean lengthy start-up times, our stringent project planning means we really hit the ground running;
  • Reduced risk: we’re a stable partner for turbulent times: with steady growth and low levels of corporate debt, you can count on us.


To us, success is when our clients trust us with their assignees and with their budgets. We’re only happy when they say:

“They help me deliver high quality relocation”
“They take care of our problems”
“They make us look good”
“I trust them to advise me well”

In the end we judge ourselves on the ultimate acid-test: customer loyalty and satisfaction. We know it’s a cliché. But choose us, and you’re in safe hands.

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