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Starting right in a new culture

sam-7Providing the necessary intercultural and language
training as part of an international relocation support will substantially help your relocating employee to communicate and integrate effectively in their new location.
Capital Relocations designs and provides flexible intercultural and language training programs which are based on a professional assessment of the individual’s intercultural and language training needs.

Intercultural & Language Training: What is Included
  • Setting up of language training
  • Intercultural training program for adults and children
  • Individual, group or family options available

Intercultural & Language Training: Benefits
• Professionally run intercultural & language training courses
• Caters for both business and social situations
• Flexible and built around your relocating employee’s needs
• Boosts confidence and speeds the settling-in period

Are your employees prepared for global leadership?
In today's global climate, cultural readiness has become a necessity. Capital Relocations is equipping companies and their employees with the tools they need to excel globally.
Studies indicate that cross cultural training and relocation services have a major impact on the success or failure of an international assignment or venture.

Are you working internationally?
Capital Relocation’s Cross Culture program is the key to a successful international relocation and cross-cultural orientation. Employees deal with a variety of relocation and intercultural challenges as they transition to their new home and workplace. Important issues include dealing with an unfamiliar language, the lack of cultural awareness, limited knowledge of new business protocol, and the complexities of finding suitable housing.
Cross cultural / intercultural training and highly personalized relocation / destination services are among the programs available for your expatriate population as well as those in the process of repatriation. Human resource consulting and management training are available through our global leadership programs, in addition to security briefings and crisis management services.
The world of international business has looked to Capital Relocations as the premier resource for destination and cultural orientation services. Leading global corporations rely on Capital Relocations for comprehensive cultural and relocation services to ensure that their multinational employees "Live Local - Work Global"™.

The Difference? The Details.
The secret for success is simple. Capital Relocations:
• partners with your employees to analyze their personal and corporate goals
• provides a full menu of customized solutions designed to create measurable results

Capital Relocations offers truly personalized service you can depend on, including:
• direct and prompt communication with international assignees

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