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sam-5Finding the right home, in the right location, is critical
to ensuring your relocating employee’s satisfaction and them being happy in their new location.
It is the home search service that goes a long way to ensuring your relocating employees are satisfied with their home life and will subsequently enable them to work more effectively in their new role.
Finding the right location and the correct home for them depends on having a clear understanding of their personal needs as well as the business requirements of your company.
Capital Relocations provides a flexible home finding service designed to match both of these elements and achieve the best value within budget and policy. All aimed at ensuring the long term success of the employee’s relocation which can be converted into business performance. Capital Relocations always uses home finding professionals as part of the accompanied tour with expert local market knowledge and experience.
By using an impartial and objective Destination Services Consultant to assist your transferring employee with the Home Search process, Capital Relocations ensures that your corporate relocation policy is being adhered to. Our seasoned professional consultants will research, select, schedule and accompany the employee/family to view properties meeting their requirements. Our consultants will negotiate the best possible terms; conduct a thorough inventory walkthrough detailing the condition of the property and assist with utilities, phone and data lines etc., ready for move in.

Home Search: What is Included

• Conduct needs analysis with the relocating employee prior to the visit
• Provide welcome pack and local area information
• Prepared itinerary of properties
• Meet and greet with the employee prior to conducting the home finding tour
• Accompanied visits to properties
• Lease negotiation
• Inventory check in

Home Search : Benefits

• Service delivered by home finding professionals with expert local market knowledge
• Professional inventory clerks
• Local intelligence and ongoing consultation to benefit your policy
• Independent market advice on local systems
• Ensures lease terms are negotiated to the employee’s understanding
• Adhere to corporate policy guidelines
• Local expertise with current knowledge of the housing market, schools, safety, etc.
• Best lease terms including diplomatic or early termination clause
• Rewarding experience with employee focus and time well spent
• Thorough inventory and documentation ensure easy departure / return deposit

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